Hollywood smile In Egypt


What is a
Hollywood smile ?

Hollywood smile refers to the perfect smile of celebrities and models consisting of bright, aligned and gap-free white teeth.
The objective of the Hollywood smile in Egypt is to correct dental imperfections in order to get a radiant smile and perfect teeth.
This technique corrects dental discoloration, staining and gaps while allowing the patient to regain self-esteem by being able to speak, smile and laugh with confidence.

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The price of Hollywood smile

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Hollywood smile :
how is it performed ?

Hollywood smile technique in Egypt includes dental veneers’ placement, dental implants and crowns insertions, it depends on the patient’s dentition.
This procedure is realized over several sessions.
First of all, the dentist will examine your teeth and jaw to check if there are cavities, infections or gum disease in order to treat them and then, he will take measurements and impressions that will be sent to the laboratory and once they are ready, you will start the sessions.

If you suffer from chipped or broken teeth :

They can be repaired either with new ceramic crowns or by using high-quality composite materials.
However, the most commonly used material is ceramic or porcelain veneers.
It should be noted that Hollywood smile relies on dental veneers that aim at covering the front surface of the teeth to improve their appearance.

If you have missing teeth :

If there is a gap and/or a missing tooth, the placement of dental implants, dental bridges or dentures is the best solution.

If your teeth are discolored

If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth or if they are covered with layers of tartar, they can be treated with dental cleaning or professional teeth whitening.

What about the aftercare ?

The aftercare of Hollywood smile in Egypt is simple, you should follow the recommandations of your dentist and brush your teeth regularly, use anti bacterial mouth wash, flossing, visit yout dentist for regular check ups…

The results

The results of Hollywood smile are extraordinary and spectacular, the patient will obtain a radiant smile without any imperfections and thus regain self-confidence as he will be able to smile with confidence and without shame.

How a Hollywood smile can impact your social life ?

Nowadays, we pay a lot of attention to a person's physical appearance and a smile is one of the first things we notice in him, that s why having perfect teeth is important.
Hollywood smile is the best solution to obtain a good dentition as it hides the effects of your bad lifestyle or your genetics that can be reflected on your teeth. It also allows you to improve your professional, personnal and social life as you will be more self confident.

Does a
Hollywood smile last ?

The Hollywood smile relies on porcelain veneers that can last ten years if they are well preserved with a daily dental hygiene (a regular brushing, flossing, regular check ups with the dentist…).

Are all teeth part of
the Hollywood smile ?

You should discuss it with the dentist as he is the only one to advise you after checking the state of your teeth.
Generally, the patients opt for veneers on the teeth that are visible when smiling.
But, the choices depend on the case of each patient : the symmetry of the teeth, the shape…