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Endoscopic facelift



Endoscopic facelift



Endoscopic facelift



Plastic surgery in Egypt : Clinic at your service

Plastic surgery in Egypt is a real success thanks to the competence of its plastic surgeons, the modernity of its clinics which are equipped with ultra-modern medical equipment that meets the needs of each patient and the success of the aesthetic interventions performed by these surgeons such as liposuction, breast augmentation, IVF, dental care...

Why choose to undergo your plastic surgery in Egypt with Aram Clinic ?

Choosing Aram Clinic to undergo your plastic surgery in Egypt is the best solution :

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The best clinics for plastic surgery in Egypt :

Our clinics have a very high quality service and are equipped with very modern departments, state-of-the-art, high-tech medical equipment to meet the needs of all patients, many spacious and comfortable single rooms where the patient can rest and talk with the surgeon, brand new operating theatres and this in compliance with the European standards of hygiene and care.

Moreover, these clinics have the best supporting medical staff : Nurses, anaesthesiologists, and other medical professionals who play crucial roles in assisting during surgeries, providing pre- and post-operative care, and ensuring patient safety and comfort.

The most competent, renowned and experienced plastic surgeons

Aram Clinic chooses the best plastic surgeons who master all the aesthetic interventions such as liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift…to correct the physical imperfections of each patient for a better physical appearance, they are very competent and internationally known for their experience and professionalism.

Here are some characteristics that distinguish them :

  1. Specialization and experience : They have extensive experience and specialized training in the specific procedure or area of plastic surgery you're interested in. Whether it is facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, or body contouring.
  2. Artistic Eye : Aesthetic plastic surgery requires more than technical skill ; it demands an artistic eye for symmetry, proportion, and natural-looking results.
  3. Communication skills : They take the time to listen to their patients' concerns, goals, and expectations and communicate openly and honestly about what can realistically be achieved with surgery. They provide thorough explanations of the procedure, including potential risks and benefits, and ensure that patients are well-informed and comfortable with their decision.
  4. Compassion and empathy : They demonstrate empathy and compassion toward their patients, understanding that undergoing cosmetic surgery can be a deeply personal and emotional experience. They prioritize patient well-being and strive to create a supportive and caring environment throughout the surgical journey.
  5. Continuing education and innovation : They stay abreast of the latest advancements in plastic surgery techniques, technology, and research through ongoing education and professional development. They embrace innovation while also critically evaluating new approaches to ensure they uphold the highest standards of care.
  6. Patient satisfaction : They have a track record of consistently delivering excellent results and have a strong reputation within the community, often evidenced by positive reviews, referrals, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

The cometics interventions
In Egypt

Aram clinic gives you the opportunity to undergo your plastic surgery in Egypt throughout a high quality medical stay, here are some of the interventions realized with Aram Clinic in Egypt :



Liposuction is a cosmetic intervention that aims at removing the excess fat from the different areas of the body such as the belly, thighs, buttocks, arms, hips… so as to allow the patient to have a sculpted and harmonious silhouette.

This intervention offers several advantages to patients such as an improved body contours by sculpting and contouring the body when removing excess fat, enhanced self-confidence by feeling more comfortable and confident in clothing and social situations following liposuction, and permanent results as the fat cells removed during liposuction are permanently eliminated from the body. As long as patients maintain a stable weight through healthy lifestyle habits, the results of liposuction can be long-lasting.


Breast augmentation

It is a plastic surgery that consists in enlarging the volume of the breasts through the insertion of breast implants or fat transfer, it depends on the case of each patient.

This intervention allows the patient to have more feminine breasts in harmony with the rest of the silhouette.

It also enhances body propotions and creates a more proportionate silhouette, moreover, it improves self esteem and confidence as many women report feeling more confident and positive about their appearance following breast augmentation. Enhanced breast size and shape can improve self-esteem and body image, leading to a greater sense of self-confidence in social, personal, and professional settings.



This intervention allows the patient to reshape his nose by getting rid of his nasal imperfections such as a nasal bump, excess of length or width…in order to improve the appearance of the nose and thus, enhance harmony between the other facial features.

In addition, rhinoplasty has long-lasting results and can be permanent. With proper care and maintenance, the changes made during rhinoplasty can endure for many years, providing lasting aesthetic and functional benefits, moreover, this intervention has many psychological benefits such as improved self-esteem, self-image, and quality of life. Many patients report feeling happier, more confident, and more satisfied with their appearance following rhinoplasty.



In vitro fertilization is a process of fertilization that aims at treating infertility in both men and women. It is an effective solution to allow you to have a healthy baby as this procedure provides a viable option for individuals and couples who have difficulty conceiving naturally due to various factors, such as blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, ovulation disorders, endometriosis, or unexplained infertility.


Dental care

With Aram Clinic, you will be able to obtain healthy teeth and a radiant smile thanks to its different dental treatments such as dental implants, dental veneers, hollywood smile… that give you excellent results.

It is important to note that dental care plays a crucial role in preserving oral health, preventing disease, and promoting overall health and quality of life. It is essential to prioritize regular dental check-ups, adopt good oral hygiene habits, and seek prompt treatment for any dental concerns to reap the full benefits of dental care.



Fillers injections are intended to correct certain signs of aging by filling or restoring volume to certain areas of the face in order to rejuvenate it, they produce a « lifting » effect without surgery.

This technique is very effective as it allows the patient to get rid of his wrinkles without opting for surgery for a more youthful appearance.

The price of
your plastic surgery in Egypt

The price of your aesthetic intervention or aesthetic medicine treatment is affordable and within everyone's reach, it includes the services that will be communicated to you when you will ask for a quote. This is why you must fill in the online quotation request form or contact one of our counselors to get the price of the operation and obtain all the information related to your surgery such as the name of the surgeon who will operate on you, the name of the clinic, the hotel, the different proposed services during your medical stay...

Plastic Surgery In Egypt:

« Last year, I decided to undergo my breast augmentation in Egypt with Aram Clinic, I've always heard good things about them.
The intervention is a real success, the surgeon was very competent and attentive, the medical staff very professional and the clinic was very clean, everything was perfect.
I highly recommend it »

« I have always suffered from physical and psychological complexes related to my silhouette, I had excess fat in different parts of my body and it really affected my life socially and privately speaking, so I decided to undergo a plastic surgery in Egypt precisely a liposuction which consists in removing excess fat from different areas of the body such as the buttocks, thighs, arms…
I can tell you that my liposuction changed my life, I regained self-confidence and I can dress as I want, I want to thank the surgeon who is very professional and so kind, all the medical staff for their professionalism and attention and all the team of Aram Clinic.
I really recommend it. »

« Many of my friends have opted for Aram Clinic to undergo their plastic surgery in Egypt, they all were very satisfied, so I decided to undergo my rhinoplasty with Aram Clinic.
This intervention has changed my life, I m really satisfied with the new appearance of my nose, the surgeon was excellent, very attentive and comprehensive, a real professional, the medical staff was also competent, I want to thank all the team of Aram Clinic who accompanied me from the beginning, they also have an excellent operative follow up. »

« Thanks to Aram Clinic, my hair transplant is a real success, everything was perfect : the surgeon very competent, the clinic was very modern and clean with a high quality service, the medical staff was also very experienced and professional…
I now have perfect hair at an affordable price, so don’t hesitate to contact them for your plastic surgery in Egypt, »