Teeth whitening in Egypt


Defintion : What
is teeth whitening?

Dental hygiene is very important. The health of your teeth doesn’t just affect your body but also your state of mind. It can be very stressful to have dental problems. But it’s not just about the medical part, it’s also the aesthetic part. If you don’t have healthy bright teeth, you might not feel confident enough. They say that the smile is the mirror of the soul. So having a nice and beautiful smile makes you feel mor self confident. It also gives others the impression that you are taking care of your body and being healthy. Unfortunately, many of us have stains on their teeth that make their smile look unattractive. Luckily, the cosmetic medicine provides the perfect solution for this problem, and it is teeth whitening.
Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that uses different products and laser technology to give the teeth a spotless and flairless look. It can be done at the doctor’s office and doesn’t require any surgical incisions. And some options don’t even require a visit to the doctor, you can use the treatment that he prescribes for you at home.

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Procedure: How is it done?

There are different techniques that are used in teeth whitening.

Hydrogen Peroxide Gel Teeth Whitening:

This solution is very effective for teeth whitening. The Hydrogen Peroxide Gel is applied, and the teeth and an ultra ultraviolet blue time is used to activate it.

Deep Bleaching:

This technique combines at home treatment with doctor’s treatment. In this case, the doctor will use hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten the teeth. The treatment continues at home as the patient will have to wear individual custom made tray to get a better result.
This method is used by people who have deep stains on their teeth and need deeper bleaching.
It takes over two weeks to get a good result, and you may have to visit the doctor for another time in between.

Laser Whitening:

This technique is the fastest one for teeth whitening in Egypt. It takes about thirty minutes only to get all your teeth whitened. A bleaching agent is used to get the desired effect, and the laser is applied on the tooth to activate the solution that is used for a better result. This procedure is only done in the doctor’s office. It’s the most expensive technique among the three.

Recovery: What to expect after the procedure?

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure. It doesnt’require a recovery time. You can resume your daily activities immediately after receiving the treatment. The procedure doesn’t usually cause any pain as well. It’s a safe procedure with guaranteed results.

Results: What
changes am I going to see on my teeth?

Your teeth will definitely look brighter than before. However, the results that you will get depend on the original shade of your teeth and the type of stains that you had. Once you get the nice shade that you were looking for, it’s important to apply certain rules of hygiene to preserve those results and maintain that white bright color as long as possible. Certain drinks such us coffee and tea might cause the stains to appear again. It’s advised to avoid consuming this kind of beverages.

Price in Egypt:
How much does it cost to get a teeth whitening?

The price for teeth whitening varies based on the techniques that you use and the state of your teeth. So ask for a free online quote to obtain the cost of teeth whitening Egypt.