Orthodontics in Egypt


Definition: What
does orthodontics mean?

Taking care of our teeth is not always an easy job to do. There are plenty of problems that might appear on the teeth and cause discomfort for people. Treating this part of the body is different from the other parts. Your jaw needs to be treated with delicacy and carefulness, because teeth are basically like bones, so they need a specific care. When we talk about dental care, there are many specialties, including orthodontics.
Orthodontics is not only used for reasons. But also on repairing the defects in the shapes or forms of the teeth.

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Procedure: How is the treatment done?

The procedure depends on the case of each patient. Whether you have a problem with one tooth that’s not following the alignment of the other ones or you have a disorder of your jaws. (if the size isn’t the same for example)
There are different types of orthodontics:

Metal orthodontics

Orthodontic wires or arcs are one of the most important components of fixed orthodontic appliances (multi-rings). They are attached to orthodontic brackets and bring the teeth together.
The wire is used to connect the teeth, guide them, hold them or apply a force that will cause the tooth to move in a specific direction.
There are several types of wires that can vary in composition, size (diameter) and shape. Each type of wire is used in a particular situation.

Ceramic orthodontics

Ceramic brackets are a common alternative to metal, although they are not indicated in some cases for more serious treatments.
Some say that ceramic braces are less painful because they do not irritate the gums.
Ceramic braces have either semi-translucent ceramic brackets, which are recommended for very white teeth, or ceramic color, which is preferable for slightly darker teeth. In both cases, these brackets are chosen based on the colour of the tooth and are less perceptible. Ceramic brackets are strong and do not tear easily.

Preventive orthodontics

Preventive orthodontics for children is described as interceptive and preventive orthodontics. It brings together treatments that aim to harmoniously develop the jaws for adequate dental alignment. It guides dental development for children and improves it for adults in order to optimize the capacity of chewing, speech and nasal breathing .

Recovery: What should I do after the treatment?

Once the active orthodontic device is removed, it is necessary to maintain the results acquired by a restraining device to avoid recurrence of the initial anomaly or appearance of a new pathology.
This restraining device can be fixed or removable. If it is removable, it will be worn according to the indications, 24h/24h, 15h/24h or night or 8h/24h. The duration of wearing it is at least one year. It is sometimes necessary to keep it 5 years, 10 years or all the life.

Results: What
to expect after the treatment?

After applying a treatment of orthodontics in Egypt, your teeth will look much better than they used before. They are supposed to be aligned and straight.The result also depends on the previous state of the patients teet.

Price: How much do
orthodontics cost?

If you want to obtain the price of orthodontics Egypt, ask for a free online quote. Therefore, there are different possible procedures for each case, and every patient will pay a different price depending and the problems that he wants to fix and the procedure that he choses to do.