Gastric Sleeve In Egypt


What is a Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve in Egypt is a weight loss surgical technique that removes almost 80 % of the patient’s stomach.
This procedure will literally make you eat less food than before. Because your stomach will be smaller after the surgery, you will feel full after eating little portions of food. You will also notice that you will feel less hungry, and that’s because the part of the body responsible for producing the hormone that boosts appetite will also be removed during the surgery. A gastric sleeve not only provides weight loss, but also improves some health issues related to obesity.

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How is a Gastric Sleeve surgery performed?

This surgery is done under general anaesthesia and lasts about an hour. The doctor will make small incisions in your belly. He will then insert a specific instrument to get a look at the inside of your stomach. He will then use different instruments to cut three quarters of your stomach and removes those parts. At the end, the surgeon will reattach the stomach from the part that is called sleeve.

Recovery: What to expect after a Gastric Sleeve?

Since this surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, you might feel a little tired afterwards. You’ll have to spend the night in the clinic, to monitor your situation and give you painkillers if needed. It’s recommended that you get out of bed and walk around the room to decrease the feeling of pain. You won’t probably feel hungry after the surgery as a large part of your stomach has been removed, and the hormone that is responsible for the feeling of hunger is less present in your system.
After spending the night in the hospital, you’ll probably be able to go home the next day if there are no complications. Your doctor will prescribe some medication for you to take in case you feel discomfort or pain in the incision area.
During the first week after a gastric sleeve in Egypt, you are not allowed to eat solid foods that require chewing. However, you are allowed to eat soups and drink fluids, except for alcohol. It’s also important to rest and not make physical effort.
After three weeks, you will be able to get back to work and do daily activities. You will be allowed to incorporate soft foods into your diet, but nothing solid to avoid complications.
In one month, you can add more varieties of solid food, but you still need to follow a specific diet.
Three months after the surgery, you can eat all kinds of food and practice sport.

Results: What are the results of Gastric Sleeve?

A gastric sleeve surgery will help patients lose weight on the long term. You will notice that you are gradually losing weight over the following months and sometimes even years. The results vary from a patient to another depending on the diet and lifestyle that you adopt. It is important to change your poor health habit and replace them with healthy diet. To improve the results of a gastric sleeve surgery, you have to practice sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After one year, patients lose an average of 70 % percent of their weight.

Price in Egypt: How much does it cost to get a Gastric Sleeve?

A gastric sleeve is a very popular surgery for weight loss. However, the prices for this procedure are different from one country to another. If you want a high-quality healthcare with low prices, you can choose Egypt for your gastric sleeve, where this procedure is much less expensive than in European countries. Ask for a free online quote to obtain gastric sleeve Egypt cost.