Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai and Teeth Whitening Cost in Amman: Comparing Prices and Services

5 June 2024

When considering the cost of teeth whitening, Dubai and Amman present different price points due to various factors. In Dubai, teeth whitening treatments can range from $300 to $800, depending on the clinic and the specific procedure. Costs in Amman are typically lower, ranging from $150 to $400.

The cost disparity between the two cities is influenced by factors such as the cost of living, clinic reputation, and the quality of materials used. Patients seeking affordable options might find Amman more appealing, while those preferring luxury services might opt for Dubai.

Safety and effectiveness are important considerations beyond just price. Both cities offer reputable dental clinics that adhere to high standards, ensuring patients receive safe and effective treatment.

Understanding Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure designed to lighten tooth discoloration and stains.

Common Agents:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Often used in gels and bleaching solutions.
  • Carbamide Peroxide: Breaks down into hydrogen peroxide.


  • In-office Whitening: Performed by dental professionals, using stronger peroxide solutions for faster results.
  • At-home Whitening: Includes gels, trays, and strips with lower concentration formulas.


  1. Preparation: Teeth cleaning to remove plaque.
  2. Application: Gel or bleaching agent applied to teeth.
  3. Activation: Light or laser may be used to enhance results.

Duration and Results:

  • In-office treatments typically show immediate results.
  • At-home treatments may take several days to weeks.

Factors Affecting Discoloration:

  • Diet: Consumption of coffee, tea, and red wine.
  • Smoking: Tobacco use.
  • Medications: Some drugs can cause staining.


  • Sensitivity: Some may experience tooth sensitivity post-treatment.
  • Suitability: Not all types of discoloration respond equally to whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Professional teeth whitening in Dubai offers a variety of advanced treatments at reputable clinics with transparent pricing. Popular options include laser teeth whitening and Zoom teeth whitening, which are performed by experienced dentists.

Popular Clinics and Dentists

Dubai hosts a range of reputable clinics known for professional teeth whitening. Royal Clinic and NOA Dental Clinic are among the most sought-after. These clinics are staffed by experienced dentists who use state-of-the-art equipment. Many of these dentists have international certifications and provide personalized consultations. Patients often choose these clinics for their strong reputations and commitment to patient care.

Teeth Whitening Costs in Dubai

The cost of professional teeth whitening in Dubai varies. On average, the prices range from AED 1,200 to AED 2,500. The price depends on the clinic, the type of whitening technique used, and the dentist’s expertise. For premium procedures like laser teeth whitening, costs can be on the higher end. Many clinics offer package deals and financing options to make treatments more affordable.

Advanced Whitening Techniques

Clinics in Dubai employ various advanced whitening techniques. Laser teeth whitening and Zoom teeth whitening are among the most popular. Laser whitening uses laser technology to activate the whitening agent, providing faster results. Zoom whitening, on the other hand, uses a powerful light to enhance the whitening gel’s effectiveness. Both methods are known for their efficiency and long-lasting results.

Session Information and Duration

A typical professional teeth whitening session in Dubai lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. The process begins with a dental cleaning, followed by the application of the whitening agent. For laser and Zoom whitening, the light or laser is applied in several cycles. Patients might need 1 to 3 sessions based on the desired shade. Clinics ensure that procedures are comfortable and provide aftercare instructions to maintain results.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Amman

Professional teeth whitening in Amman is offered by several renowned dental offices with varying costs. It’s important to understand where you can go and what you can expect to pay.

Renowned Dental Offices

Many reputable clinics in Amman provide professional teeth whitening services. Jordan Dental Center, for instance, is well-known for its experienced dentists and state-of-the-art equipment.

Other notable clinics include Arab Dental Center and Al-Khalidi Medical Center, which offer specialized teeth whitening procedures tailored to individual needs. These dental offices prioritize patient comfort and employ advanced whitening techniques to achieve optimal results.

Teeth Whitening Costs in Amman

The cost of teeth whitening in Amman can vary significantly depending on the clinic and the procedure’s specifics. Generally, professional teeth whitening procedures range from $150 to $400.

Factors that influence the price include the chosen whitening method, the dentist’s expertise, and the clinic’s reputation. It’s advisable to consult directly with the clinics to obtain precise quotes tailored to your requirements. Some clinics may also offer package deals or discounts for multiple sessions.

Safety and Side Effects

Teeth whitening procedures are generally considered safe when performed by a qualified professional. However, some individuals may experience side effects.

One common side effect is tooth sensitivity. This usually occurs during the early stages of the treatment and often subsides after a few days.

Fluoride treatments can help mitigate sensitivity and are sometimes recommended by dentists.

Other potential side effects:

  • Gum irritation: Whitening agents can cause mild irritation if they come into contact with the gums.
  • Enamel damage: Overuse of whitening products may weaken the enamel.
  • Tooth discoloration: Uneven whitening can lead to patchy tooth coloration.

Precautions to consider:

  • Consult a dental professional before undergoing any treatment.
  • Follow all instructions provided by the dentist.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene to support the health of teeth and gums.

While risks exist, they can often be minimized with proper care and professional guidance.

Alternatives to Dental Clinic Whitening

Home whitening kits and natural methods provide convenient and cost-effective options for achieving a brighter smile without visiting a dental clinic.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Home whitening kits offer an accessible way to whiten teeth. These kits typically include whitening gels, molds or strips, and detailed instructions. Users can find them in various concentrations, allowing customization based on desired results and tooth sensitivity.

Home kits are designed for ease of use. Application usually involves placing the gel in the mold and applying it to the teeth for a specified time. The results may vary, with noticeable differences generally appearing within a few weeks. It’s essential to follow instructions carefully to avoid damage to the enamel.

These kits are available over-the-counter at pharmacies and stores or can be ordered online.

Natural Whitening Methods

Natural whitening methods utilize everyday items to whiten teeth. Common natural remedies include baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and fruit peels.

Baking soda is a mild abrasive that can help remove surface stains. A paste made from baking soda and water can be brushed onto the teeth a few times a week. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleaching agent and can be used as a mouthwash when diluted with water.

Fruits like strawberries contain malic acid, which can help whiten teeth when mashed and applied. It’s crucial to use these methods in moderation, as excessive use can damage enamel.

Factors Influencing Teeth Whitening Cost

The cost of teeth whitening can vary significantly due to several key factors. One major element is the materials used in the procedure. High-quality bleaching agents often come with a higher price tag.

Another crucial aspect is the experience and specialty of the dentist. A more experienced dentist or one with specialized training in cosmetic dentistry may charge more for their services.

The location of the dental practice also impacts the cost. Clinics in urban areas or high-income neighborhoods may have higher prices compared to those in smaller towns.

Appointment scheduling and the number of required sessions can influence the cost too. Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the desired level of whiteness, especially for individuals with severe discoloration.

The composition and expertise of the dental team can also affect pricing. A team with well-trained hygienists and assistants can provide a more efficient and comfortable experience, often reflected in the cost.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

When choosing cosmetic dentistry solutions in Dubai or Amman, it’s important to evaluate options like veneers and other cosmetic procedures. These treatments can help you achieve a brighter, more confident smile.

Veneers and Their Costs

Veneers are thin shells made from porcelain or composite materials, custom-fit to cover the front surface of teeth. They are used to correct various issues such as discoloration, chips, gaps, and minor misalignments. A cosmetic dentist will typically recommend veneers for individuals seeking a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

In Dubai, the cost of veneers ranges from $1,000 to $2,500 per tooth. This price varies depending on the clinic, materials used, and the dentist’s expertise. In Amman, veneers are generally more affordable, with costs ranging from $500 to $1,200 per tooth.

Other Cosmetic Procedures

Teeth whitening is a popular choice for those looking to achieve a brighter smile without extensive dental work. This procedure can be done in-office or with take-home kits provided by a cosmetic dentist. The cost in Dubai typically ranges from $300 to $800. In Amman, it usually costs $200 to $500.

Cosmetic dentists also offer treatments like dental bonding, which uses a tooth-colored resin to repair minor flaws. The cost of bonding in Dubai ranges from $300 to $600 per tooth, whereas in Amman, it can cost between $100 to $300 per tooth.

Crowns and bridges are other common procedures that help restore both function and appearance. In Dubai, crowns can cost between $800 to $2,000 per tooth, while in Amman, they are generally priced at $300 to $800 per tooth.

These various cosmetic dentistry options enable patients to choose the best treatment plan tailored to their needs and budget, ensuring a confident and bright smile.

Comparing Dubai and Amman

Teeth whitening in Dubai and Amman varies in price and clinic offerings.

Dubai is known for its high-end dental clinics featuring state-of-the-art equipment. The cost for teeth whitening in Dubai can range from AED 1,000 to AED 3,000, depending on the clinic and treatment type. Many clinics offer luxury services and amenities.

Amman offers competitive pricing and professional dental care. Teeth whitening costs in Amman typically range from JOD 100 to JOD 500. Clinics in Amman are recognized for their experienced dentists and quality service at a more affordable rate.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Aspect Dubai Amman
Cost AED 1,000-3,000 JOD 100-500
Clinic Quality High-end Professional
Technology Advanced Modern
Services Luxury Affordable

Both cities provide excellent dental care. Dubai’s clinics tend to focus on luxury and advanced technology, whereas Amman’s clinics offer quality services at more budget-friendly prices.

Decision-making depends on individual preferences for cost, luxury, and available technology.

Patient Experiences and Testimonials

Patients who have undergone teeth whitening in Dubai and Amman often report high levels of satisfaction. Many emphasize a boost in self-confidence due to their brighter smiles.

Experiences in Dubai

In Dubai, patients frequently highlight the professionalism of dentists. One patient mentioned, “The dentist explained every step, making me feel at ease.” Another patient, Arjun, noted that the modern facilities added to his confident experience.

Experiences in Amman

In Amman, the personal touch is a common theme. Patients often feel a deep sense of care from their dentists. Rana said, “My dentist in Amman took the time to understand my concerns, which made the process seamless.”

Comparing Experiences

Aspect Dubai Amman
Dentist Professionalism High, with detailed explanations High, with personalized care
Facilities Modern and cutting-edge Comfortable and patient-focused
Patient Confidence Increased due to clear communication Improved through empathetic interaction

Testimonials on Self-Esteem

Eva from Dubai shared, “The teeth whitening procedure has greatly enhanced my self-esteem.” Similarly, Omar from Amman stated, “I feel more confident now, thanks to the attentive care I received.”

Both cities offer quality teeth whitening procedures, contributing significantly to patient satisfaction and self-confidence.

Planning Your Teeth Whitening Visit

When planning your teeth whitening visit, begin by scheduling an appointment. Many dental offices offer a free consultation to discuss options and pricing.

Choose a reputable dental office with positive reviews. Look for an experienced surgeon or implantologist if specialized care is needed. The chosen professional should have expertise in various dental procedures, from root canals to whitening treatments.

Ensure the office provides aftercare instructions to maintain the whitening effect. Clear communication about what to expect post-treatment can enhance the overall experience.

Consider the convenience of the dental office location. Opt for a practice that is easily accessible to reduce travel stress. Additionally, verify if the office hours align with your availability.

Review any prep steps required before your visit, such as avoiding certain foods or beverages. This preparation can contribute to a smoother process.

Lastly, ensure all questions regarding the procedure, potential side effects, and follow-up visits are addressed during the consultation. This clarity will help you feel confident and ready for your appointment.

Post-Whitening Care and Maintenance

Adhering to effective post-whitening care is crucial to maintain the results. Aftercare is as important as the whitening process itself. Individuals should follow the specific recommendations provided by their dentist or dental hygienist.

Oral hygiene plays a significant role in prolonging the whitening effects. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings are essential. Investing in a good toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste is advisable.

Avoid dark-colored foods and beverages: Red wine, coffee, tea, and similar items can stain teeth.

No smoking: Tobacco can quickly discolor the teeth, negating the whitening effects.

For those who smoke, quitting or reducing is beneficial for both dental and overall health. Whitening techniques may vary, so follow any unique care instructions from your dentist.

Using a straw when drinking dark beverages can minimize contact with teeth.

Regular visits to a dental hygienist can help spot and address any developing issues early. Touch-up treatments may be needed, depending on the initial whitening technique used.

At-home whitening products can also help maintain brightness but consult your dentist before use to avoid potential harm.

Maintaining these practices can help ensure that the benefits of your teeth whitening treatment last longer and keep your smile bright.

Frequently Asked Questions

People often have questions about the cost of teeth whitening services in Dubai and Amman. Here are some key points addressing common queries.

What is the average price range for professional teeth whitening services in Dubai?

The price range for professional teeth whitening in Dubai typically falls between AED 1,500 to AED 3,000. Prices can vary based on the clinic and the specific whitening procedure chosen.

How does the cost of home teeth whitening kits in Amman compare to professional treatments?

Home teeth whitening kits in Amman generally cost between JOD 20 to JOD 100. In contrast, professional teeth whitening services can range from JOD 150 to JOD 300, depending on the clinic and treatment type.

What factors influence the pricing of teeth whitening procedures in Dubai dental clinics?

Prices for teeth whitening in Dubai can be influenced by the clinic’s location, the dentist’s expertise, the type of whitening procedure, and the materials used. Premium clinics in central locations may charge higher fees.

Are there package deals for teeth whitening in Amman that include aftercare products?

Some dental clinics in Amman offer package deals that include both the whitening procedure and aftercare products, such as whitening toothpaste or gel. These packages can provide better value for patients.

How do teeth whitening prices in Dubai differ for laser treatments versus bleaching sessions?

Laser whitening treatments in Dubai are typically more expensive, ranging from AED 2,000 to AED 4,000. Bleaching sessions are generally more affordable, with costs between AED 1,500 to AED 3,000, depending on the procedure’s specifics.

Can insurance cover any portion of teeth whitening costs in Amman, and if so, to what extent?

Teeth whitening is usually considered a cosmetic procedure, and most insurance plans in Amman do not cover it. Patients should check with their individual insurance providers for specific policy details.