The lack of breasts in women

24 May 2023

Not all women are equal when it comes to the size of their breasts, but some suffer from a total lack of breasts. What treatments should be considered ?

Hypoplasia refers to a very small breast size in women, while aplasia is the complete absence of breast size. Hypoplasia and aplasia are common and affect 10% of women. This lack of breasts can cause a decrease in self-esteem.

Surgery can be used to correct this problem.

What is the lack of breasts in women ?

Hypoplasia is characterized by a volume of breasts that is too small in relation to the woman’s morphology. If there is a total absence of breast volume, it is called aplasia.

What are the symptoms of hypoplasia ?

In women, a flat or particularly underdeveloped breast can be a sign of a malformation called breast hypoplasia. Hypoplasia is defined as “an abnormally small development of the mammary gland “, it is sometimes accompanied by breast ptosis, a sagging of the breasts. In the case of hypoplasia, the mammary gland is normal but poorly developed.

What are the symptoms of breast aplasia ?

Breast aplasia is distinguished from hypoplasia by an absence of breasts and a complete lack of breast gland. The nipple may be small or non-existent.

The absence of breast is often bilateral, but in some conditions such as Poland syndrome, it occurs unilaterally.

What are the causes of the lack of breasts ?

The causes of breast hypoplasia include a genetic disease or exposure to toxic substances during the embryonic stage. Hypoplasia can also occur as a result of a loss of volume of the mammary gland after a pregnancy or a significant weight loss.

What are the consequences of having no breasts ?

Since breasts are associated with femininity, a malformation or insufficient volume can have psychological repercussions in adolescence and adulthood : complexes, poor self-esteem…

Some very severe cases of aplasia can be a hindrance to breastfeeding. In the case of hypoplasia, the mammary gland will grow and breastfeeding will almost always be possible.

When to consider surgery ?

Surgical treatment is currently the only option to increase breast size in case of hypoplasia or aplasia. Hormonal treatments are ineffective. The procedure can correct the physical symptoms and generally improves the patient’s self-esteem. The treatment offered to women suffering from absent breasts is based on breast augmentation to reproduce the mass and shape of the breasts.

There are three options :

-Injections of fat cells (lipofilling), taken by liposuction and reinjected into the breast

-Breast prostheses made of silicone or saline

It is the plastic surgeon who will choose the technique that is best suited to the patient’s morphology.

The practitioner also insists on the need for the desire for intervention to come from the patient herself and not from pressure from her entourage. It must be a considered decision and the operation must not be performed on a whim, especially since it will be necessary one day to change these implants.